Deus Ex Mankind Divided – Invisible War Trophy / Achievement Guide (Mission 17)

Published on January 5, 2021

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided – Invisible War Trophy / Achievement Guide – Incapacitate a cloaked enemy while still remaining cloaked yourself. [Bronze]

Mission 17: Protecting the Future
For this you need the “Cloak Takedown Support” upgrade of the Glass-Shield Augmentation. It will let you melee takedown enemies while remaining cloaked yourself.

After defeating Marchenko you must go protect the delegates. On your way there you come to a turret with two enemies walking around it. These enemies will cloak themselves automatically. Use your own cloak augmentation and get very close to the enemy. When he cloaks himself, smash the melee button. It will not show you the melee prompt on cloaked enemies! I only got this to work when smashing the melee button very quickly.
You must also have enough energy left (blue bar in bottom left corner). A melee takedown requires a good amount of energy. You can use a biocell to quickly restore energy. Go into this mission well prepared and make sure you fully upgrade the cloak as early as possible. Keep at least 1 biocell for this section.

Special thanks to PSN User “SzczurekPB” for sending in a tip about this trophy.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Trophy Guide & Roadmap:

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Trophy Guide & Roadmap


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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trophies & Achievements:

You completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™ without killing a single soul. Bosses are people, too.

Foxiest of the Hounds
You triggered zero alarms during an entire playthrough.

I Never Asked For This
You completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™ on the highest possible difficulty. Hats off.

Spokes in Two Wheels
You managed to stop both the bombing & the Orchid poisoning. You’re a living legend!

He’s [Not] Dead, Jim
By using the Antidote, you saved the life of Jim Miller.

Laputan Machine
You used Marchenko’s Kill Switch to defeat him, proving that some things can cut deeper than steel.

A Heated Combination
Enter a classic numerical code in the game’s first keypad.

Singh No Swan Song
Have Singh’s back when it matters most.

Between Technology & the Divine
Complete & win the debate with Talos Rucker.

God Killer
You completed the debate with Allison Stanek.

The Golden Rookery
Find the missing Gold Penguin and return him back to his colony.

Core Driller
Use the Ice Drill to bypass a large section of the GARM facility.

The Net is Vast and Infinite
Using Jim’s keycard, you infiltrated the NSN and viewed a recording without triggering any alarms.

So Many Cucumbers
Deus Ex Is All About Cucumbers…

Time Traveler
You managed to bring Koller the Neuroplasticity Calibrator before he even asked you for it.

Tablet Collector
Collect and read every unique eBook.

The Invincible Body, Fighting an Iron Devil
Block an incoming enemy explosive with the Titan Shield.

Slow & Sharp
Land an Explosive Nanoblade Shot on three enemies at once while the Focus Augmentation is active.

Ramming Speed!!
Ram Dash into an enemy NPC with a fully charged Icarus Dash.

Express Elevator to Hell, Going Down
Land an Icarus Landing & Strike on foes and clear out the pack with the Typhoon. Just to make sure.

Invisible War
Incapacitate a cloaked enemy while still remaining cloaked yourself.

Ground Mail Was a Better Option
Flawlessly disable a Drone via Remote Hacking.

****! Taser Fist!
Lock-On and deploy the Quad Arc upgrade of the Tesla Knuckle on four enemies at once.

I Can Only Fight Enemies I Can See
Complete one Hacking Challenge with Fog Security without using a Reveal Software.

You opted to work with the Samizdat group & spread their news throughout Picus media streams.

K is for Kazdy
You freed K and Bones from the prison cell and escorted them to safety.

The Harvester
You convinced Detective Montag that neither Gunn nor Radko could be the murderer.

The Golden Ticket
You made a tough decision as to whether Irenka Bauer or Edward Brod would get to stay in Prague.

The Last Harvest
Using the CASIE and Dr. Cipra’s keyword, you convinced Daria she isn’t who she thinks she is.

You pieced together the mysterious contact and aided Helle in remembering who she really is.

Cult of Personality
By uncovering the key to Richard’s persuasive powers, you broke his control and freed his followers.

All in the Family
You aided Otar when he sought help with a family matter.

Handle with Care
You helped Olivie escape Prague.

Neon Nights
You halted the production of Neon in the city.

You Know What To Do.

Adept of the Metaverse
Engage in all Tutorials in Adam’s first mission in Dubai.

Invisible War Deus Ex

Invisible War Deus Ex, Deus Ex Mankind Divided – Invisible War Trophy / Achievement Guide (Mission 17).

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided – Invisible War Trophy / Achievement Guide (Mission 17), Enjoy top full length videos about Invisible War Deus Ex.

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