Deus Ex: mankind Divided – Golden Ticket Complete Walkthrough

Published on March 14, 2021

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No LetsPlay, just walkthrough. Full text walkthrough with timestamps below!
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0:57 Talk to Drahomir, a dubious looking police officer blocking your way to dr Koller and agree to meet is document agent

1:10 talk to the guy standing in the corner to learn of the obscene prices for these permits and then decide if you want to shoot or sneak your way to the forger he mentions


Jump onto the nearby trash can and climb onto the ledges, sneak past the guys in the courtyard to the far side and grab a poclet secretary in the vents that gives you a keycode, use the key code to get into the storage locker on the opposite side of the courtyard which has a vent that takes you right to the forger NOTE: Ignore that safe, you get the code for it shortly.


Sneak past the guards into the first room of the building and then jump into the collapsed book shelf in order to jump over the lasers on the left and avoid the camera. take out the guy at the top of the stairs to steal his pocket secretary and get the password to the security computer which will allow you to lift the lockdown on the forger’s room and walk right in


Just kill/incapacitate the suckers and move on

3:17 Talk to the forger lady and be reassuring to her in order to learn how to stop Drahomir and in oder to secure the keycode to the safe in the storage locker you saw. Optionally you can agree to help out 2 people she had finished permits for too for additional EXP

3:38 Find the police officer the forger mentioned (she has no official name other than “Police Officer” but she’s not hard to miss as she’s on the way to Drahomir’s checkpoint from the forger hideout and she loudly complains about the extortion operation Drahomir’s running. Tell her you too were a cop once and then when she asks why to stop Drahomir, choose the “Kidnapping and Extortion” Dialogue option.

4:10 Follow the police to Drahomir’s location but DO NOT JOIN THEM IN ASSAULTING THE CHECK POINT. It will still count as assaulting a police officer and then Drahomir’s game plus the real police will all attack you.


4:35 meet both of the people who the forger made permits for and give them the cards

4:56 Go to the permit office (right outside the metro station once you travel) and sneak past the guards. Just wait for the first one to walk outside and then crouch through the lobby area. Hack the terminal to activate the permit station and choose whose permit become legit. There is no known consequences or rewards for picking a particular person that I know of after 2 playthroughs of Mankind Divided.

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Deus Ex Invisible War Keycodes

Deus Ex Invisible War Keycodes, Deus Ex: mankind Divided – Golden Ticket Complete Walkthrough.

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