Deus Ex Mankind Divided – All Praxis Kit Locations

Published on February 19, 2021

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided’s Praxis Kit locations. This will guide you through picking up the Praxis Kits hidden throughout the world. This list includes all of the Praxis Kits in Prague, all of the Praxis Kits in Golem City and all of the Praxis Kits in London. #20 is contained in a separate video that you can find linked below.

What the list does not include, for the most part, are the Praxis Kits that you don’t necessarily loot. i.e. Those that are automatically given as quest rewards like the two you are given by Koller when you first meet up with him.

I was only able to find 20. If you find any more please be sure to leave a comment so everyone else can take advantage of your hard work 😉 If I remember correctly there were 21 in Human Revolution, maybe there are more floating around that I wasn’t able to ferret out.

I hope this helps you track down the location of each one and enjoy a bit more augmented goodness in the game!

(0:17) #1 – Prague: Adam’s Apartment Building Apt. 32

(0:42) #2 & #3 – Prague: Adam’s Apartment Building Apt. 21 Vendor

(1:23) #4 – Prague: Koller’s Workshop

(3:34) #5 – Prague: TF29 Infirmary

(4:25) #6 – Prague: L.I.M.B. Clinic

(5:20) #7 – Prague: Libuse Apartments Apt. 96

(6:24) #8 – Prague: Palisade Property Bank Executive Safes

(7:18) #9 – Prague: Palisade Property Bank CEO’s Office
Mechanical Puzzle Solution (

(8:07) #10 – Golem City: Utulek Complex Security Lockup

(9:45) #11 – Golem City: RVAC Row Golden Rookery Trophy

( #20 – Golem City, Ridit Station

(14:59) #12 – Golem City: Talos Rucker’s Office

(15:35) #13 – Prague (2nd Visit): SM07 Fade To Black, Olivia’s Reward

(16:51) #14 – Prague (2nd Visit): Tai Yong Medical Vault
Tai Yong Medical Keycard & Vault Location (

(17:32) #15 – Prague (2nd Visit): Adam’s Apartment Building Apt. 21 Vendor

(18:43) #16 – Prague (2nd Visit): Dvali Territory Theater

(20:23) #17 – Prague (3rd Visit): Adam’s Apartment Building Apt. 21 Vendor

(21:04) #18 – Prague (**): Church of the Machine God Apt. 96
After you return from Golem City and continue through the game you’ll come to a point where you have an option to save someone named Allison or raid the Versalife vault. If you choose to save Allison you will get access to the Church of the Machine God at that point. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until after you return to Prague from the G.A.R.M. facility to get into the Church of the Machine God.

(23:18) #19 – London, after defeating Marchenko.

( #20 – Golem City, Ridit Station


Deus Ex Go Bonus Praxis

Deus Ex Go Bonus Praxis, Deus Ex Mankind Divided – All Praxis Kit Locations.

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