All 35 Triangle Codes Guide – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Published on March 26, 2021

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From Prague to Golem City to GARM, this is a guide to ALL 35 of the Triangle Codes you can find in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided! Timestamps are below for easy navigation.

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[Triangle Code Timestamps]
1. Rooftop Vent, Dubai (L1) (0:40)
2. Atrium, Dubai (L1) (0:57)
3. Alley, Red Light District (St) (1:18)
4. Security, Pilgrim Station (L1) (1:43)
5. Maint., Palisade Station (L1) (2:03)
6. Tourist Center (L1) (2:23)
7. Konicky & Hracky (St) (2:48)
8. Artist’s Apartment (St) 3:07)
9. Infirmary, TF29 (L1) (3:28)
10. NSN, TF29 (?) (3:44)
11. Cafe, Ruzicka Station (L2) (4:14)
12. Jensen’s Apt., Poor Apt. (L4) (4:39)
13. Jensen’s Apt., Poor Apt. (L4) (4:57)
14. Koller’s Lab, Time Machine (L1) (5:15)
15. Otar’s Casino, Sewers (L4) (5:43)
16. Chikane’s Place (L1) (6:07)
17. Closet, Stanek’s Apt. (L1) (6:35)
18. Apt. 96, Stanek’s Apt. (L4) (7:00)
19. Picus Vault, Palisade Bank (L3) (7:21)
20. CEO Office, Palisade Bank (L9) (7:53)
21. Apt. 96, Libuse Apt. (L3) (8:26)
22. Apt. 203, Hlavni Apt. (L3) (8:52)
23. Attic, L.I.M.B. Clinic (St) (9:17)
24. Catwalks, Dvali Theater (L5) (9:39)
25. Mngr. Office, Dvali Theater (L1) (10:02)
26. Apt. 150252, Utulek Complex (L5) (10:27)
27. Rucker’s Office, ARC HQ (L1) (10:52)
28. Hangar Corridor, G.A.R.M. (L1) (11:16)
29. Hangar 1, G.A.R.M. (L3) (11:39)
30. Hangar 2, G.A.R.M. (L1) (11:59)
31. Security, Apex Centre (L7) (12:17)
32. Locker Room, Apex Centre (L4) (12:46)
33. Exhibition Hall, Apex Centre (L2) (13:08)
34. Rm. C110, Apex Centre (L5) (13:36)
35. VIP Lounge, Apex Centre (L2) (14:00)

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Deus Ex Codes

Deus Ex Codes, All 35 Triangle Codes Guide – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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