PC Longplay [222] Deus Ex: Invisible War (part 3 of 8)

Published on January 5, 2021

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Played By: Ironsharp

The sequel whose existence everybody prefers to ignore. Features include incredible consolitis: universal ammo and all-around dumbed-down mechanics, tiny “levels”(aka hallways) due to console limitations, a giant, mouse-unfriendly HUD/UI (no dragging allowed), hilarious amounts of bugs (the footage of which I left in to showcase how laughably commonplace they are), terrible AI, and a crash-to-desktop and subsequent restart whenever a new level is loaded. To be as complete as possible in longplaying the Deus Ex trilogy I unfortunately had to play through this game again. Well, at least the story gets mildly interesting when the Deus Ex 1 characters start to show up–the game kind of peaks around Antarctica.

As in my Deus Ex 1 longplay, non-lethal stealth was used towards the beginning (Seattle and parts of Cairo) with more varied gameplay afterwards. Despite the faction-oriented goal system I tried to remain neutral or to play every side, mainly siding with ApostleCorp towards the end. Every ending is shown, followed by the easter egg developer party “ending.”

Deus Ex Invisible War Longplay

Deus Ex Invisible War Longplay, PC Longplay [222] Deus Ex: Invisible War (part 3 of 8).

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There are some for whom the possibility of even looking at someone as a “guru” is a sin. But this time around they dumped the checkpoint positions that you can go to and manual save the video game.

PC Longplay [222] Deus Ex: Invisible War (part 3 of 8), Explore new complete videos relevant with Deus Ex Invisible War Longplay.

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Shooting utilizes a very complicated game play. This implies that while you’re busy getting rid of enemies, you also need to jump over cliffs and clear hanging bridges while evading bullets. These games require numerous skill levels and mastering the controls would help you significantly in attaining your objectives.

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You require to be conscious that with some war fights that you have there will be no injuries and other fights you have you might be killed on your first time. But the beauty of online video games is that you can play once again. Online war websites have tutorials and tips you can learn on each game and likewise message boards and chat choices you can partake on with other online dry run enthusiasts. These can assist develop your abilities however you require to be mindful as you may be offered some traps for a later ambush or two. One handy thing to understand though is if you update to a premium level on your account, then you might get more weaponry and armour to assist with your mission.

The graphics are excellent and the music is excellent. It’s breathtakingly stunning or not fabulous, but it does a great job of providing the type of video game you will not quickly put down. The controls are rather easy to discover and you will master it fairly rapidly. Record of Agarest War Zero is a sensible addition to your video game collection.

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