Invisible War: Hidden Gem or WORST Deus Ex Game? #DeusEx #invisiblewar #INeverAskedForThis

Published on March 21, 2021

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It’s time Deus Ex: Invisible War got a fair shake. I’m very aware that invisible war has it’s own cult following but I personally see it as the sophomore slump to the original Deus Ex. Don’t get me wrong, this game does have redeeming qualities, but overall I feel it’s more of a step backward than a step forward for Deus Ex. Good thing Eidos picked up the franchise after the other sequels got cancelled and made Human Revolution and Mankind Divided… now if only they’d finish what they started.

Why Is Deus Ex Invisible War Bad

Why Is Deus Ex Invisible War Bad, Invisible War: Hidden Gem or WORST Deus Ex Game? #DeusEx #invisiblewar #INeverAskedForThis.

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Invisible War: Hidden Gem or WORST Deus Ex Game? #DeusEx #invisiblewar #INeverAskedForThis, Get new updated videos about Why Is Deus Ex Invisible War Bad.

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