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Published on January 11, 2021

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There are no spoilers in this. I made this as much for those who have not played it yet as for those who have. There is no swearing in this review, for those bothered by such.

I recorded this today. I’ve played the game through several times. I hope you enjoy it, and that I can help spark debate about the game.
I’ve played the game through ending today. I hope you enjoy it, and that I can help spark debate about the game.

Timecodes for what I review:
1:00 plot
5:45 on plot
8:05 characters
23:50 length
29:00 demo
32:05 it runs for me
34:20 critics
1:15:05 open game
1:31:50 skills
1:55:55 augmentations
2:08:50 weapon modification
2:11:25 weapons
2:16:25 stealth
2:23:25 controls
2:23:45 sound and music
2:24:30 design history
2:25:05 engine
2:25:50 graphics
2:26:45 AI/enemies
2:33:10 is it challenging
2:37:25 I haven’t played mods for it
2:37:45 I haven’t played multiplayer
2:40:05 mission design
2:42:40 level design

Deus Ex:

The old spoiler-free review(12 and a half min):

Deus Ex: Invisible War:

The spoiler-free review(51 and a half min):
The short(4 and a half min) review:
The spoiler-ridden(27 min) video where I go over thoughts I had on the game:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

The spoiler-free review(55 and a half min):
The short(5 and a half min) review:
The spoiler-ridden(30 min) video where I go over thoughts I had on the game:

This is a pure one-taker, so occasionally, I misspeak or begin a sentence without ending it.

In preparation for this video, I watched behind-the-scenes featurettes and commentary tracks, read reviews and the like of this on sites like MetaCritic, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, Wiki, IMDb, GameFAQs, wikia and/or RottenTomatoes; if I restate(and/or comment on, as I may disagree with it) something someone else has said, I don’t mean to pass it off as something I thought up, myself. I don’t claim to come up with all the criticisms and points I make. The reason I paraphrase what others have said is that I want these videos to cover the whole subject(movie, game, etc.), not only things that I thought of myself.

I do not move my arms and gesture in this, as I’ve gotten some feedback about it being distracting. If you feel strongly about it either way, please let me know.

As usual, any and all feedback is very welcome.

I recommend you, if at all interested in such, watch footage from what I am reviewing in another tab, as this video does not feature any, and in general isn’t all that visual. And yes, I realize I am being neurotically over-cautious of Fair Use.

Deus Ex Invisible War Gamefaqs

Deus Ex Invisible War Gamefaqs, Deus Ex review game.

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