Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Bag 'o' Glitches

Published on January 8, 2021

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Big collection of glitches. Some are new, some I’ve shown on stream, some are older and I can’t find a recording of. A few of these might be applicable to SS runs, some to segmented, some to more non-standard categories.

0:05 Sarif manufacturing route. This uses an old clip but brings a box through the wall to turn it into something useful.

0:50 Showing the dual quickload bug. This doesn’t work in Director’s cut. If you bring up quickload after a menu closes (esc, map, or another quickload dialogue) you can hold F8 as you load to bring up a second load dialog on the loading screen. Loading at certain points during the loading screen has interesting effects.

1:45 You don’t need to go through the double doors to clip into the morgue, with some air control you can floor clip straight in from the lobby. Useful in segmented runs.

2:37 Alternative grenade boost at DROW. Might be easier/safer/faster than the existing one.

3:00 Skipping the cutscene which spawns the enemies at the FEMA facility

3:36 You don’t need to get Icarus landing at all during the run – shows how to avoid getting it at Picus.

3:58 You can get ontop of the funicular as it moves, and jump off a little bit early at the end and the map will still be loaded. Need to have some boxes in the funicular already though.

4:21 Icarus Landing replacement at Jensen’s apartment after Picus.

4:44 Icarus Landing replacement at Omega Ranch (Namir skip). Crouch while you are surfing the fire extinguisher down, otherwise you will get stuck in the ceiling and still take fatal damage.

5:36 The only use so far of the 2x Quickload bug. Can use it to disable all the enemies in an area.

6:04 Skip the final boss entirely. In the video I pre-placed a box near the clip, but you can just carry one back. If you avoided getting Icarus until this point you could avoid the animation with good enough timing.


Deus Ex Go Bug

Deus Ex Go Bug, Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Bag 'o' Glitches.

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