The GO Trilogy Stories – Part Three: Deus Ex GO

Published on March 20, 2021

Best complete video about, online Games, Action Game, Anticipated Games, Realistic War Games, and Deus Ex Go Story, The GO Trilogy Stories – Part Three: Deus Ex GO.

In this final episode, we revisit Square Enix Montreal’s latest entry in the GO series, Deus Ex GO, through the eyes of Eidos Montréal, the studio behind the award-winning Deus Ex franchise, and Creative Director Teddy Dief hints whats next from the studio.

This episode also marks the release of Deus Ex GO on Windows Phones, which became available last week.

Get Deus Ex GO on Windows Phones:

The Go Trilogy is now bundled on the App Store:

Deus Ex Go Story

Deus Ex Go Story, The GO Trilogy Stories – Part Three: Deus Ex GO.

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The GO Trilogy Stories – Part Three: Deus Ex GO, Watch new full videos about Deus Ex Go Story.

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The processing power of the PlayStation 3 has actually deus ex gaming been used to its optimum. In God of War 2, we could see only 15 opponents on the screen at a time. This has been beefed up to 50 in GoW3. Kratos is also now a 20,000 polygons hulk compared to 5000 in GoW2. And we have not even began speaking about the Titans. Stig has said that a few of the levels will be on the Titans themselves. (keep in mind the Fear Nothing trailer?). In the Demonstration, the Fire Titan Perseus is displayed in the background; a monstrous living being made from volcanic rocks and molten lava that streams down his body. The Fire Titan Perseus is pitted against the Sun God Helios as an engrossing background while Kratos slashes the undead soldiers in the foreground.

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