Deus Ex GoTY: Bugs and Glitches Compilation

Published on March 17, 2021

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During gameplay of Deus Ex GoTY encountered the following glitches and bugs:

  • (0:00) Intro
  • (0:11) Stanton Dewd is stuck
  • (2:09) Confused AI
  • (6:01) Tricking the AI
  • (7:23) Weird Physics
  • (10:07) Nicolette: The Skeleton Key
  • (11:13) Doors
  • (12:28) See through walls / non solid surfaces
  • (14:20) Floating NPC
  • (14:35) Wrong time to chat
  • (15:07) Infinite XP keypad


Med igranjem igre Deus Ex GoTY sem naletel na naslednje napake:

  • (0.11) Stanton Dewd se zatakne
  • (2.09) zmedena umetna pamet
  • (6.01) hecanje umetne pameti
  • (7.23) čudna fizika
  • (10.07) Nicolette: univerzalni ključ
  • (11.13) vrata
  • (12.28) prosojne/netrdne stene
  • (14.20) lebdeči NPC
  • (14.35) napačni čas za čvek
  • (15.07) tipkovnica z neskončno izkustvenimi točkami

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i3 2120@3.3 GHz
RX 460 2 GB

Intro music by: TeknoAXE

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Deus Ex Go Bug

Deus Ex Go Bug, Deus Ex GoTY: Bugs and Glitches Compilation.

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Deus Ex GoTY: Bugs and Glitches Compilation, Enjoy top complete videos related to Deus Ex Go Bug.

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