Deus Ex: All of the Above / Factory Zero Achievement Guide (missing link DLC)

Published on February 16, 2021

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Deus Ex: All of the Above / Factory Zero Achievement Guide
-Ok quick run down on what exactly needs to be done. If you do not care about Factory zero achievement or saved before this then its pretty easy to get it.
-1. take all guards out before attempting this. with no augmentations or praxis (Factory Zero) guards will one/two shot you. I have tried to use guards fire to destroy big box while hiding behind it but could never succeed.
-2. Use random boxes to brake the big box that covering vent (since with Factory Zero i cant lift huge objects). Make sure to save 2×4 and fire extinguisher. I have tried to fit 2×4 trough the second vent but it simply wont fit, thats why i kept fire extinguisher with me.
-3. once inside throw it at the gas bomb (Factory zero no use of guns). careful tho, once throw it the extinguisher will go away.
-Or i could just save my progress and use my proxies on lift havy objects and jump high, then reload the game and let scientist die, fuck that bitch. however, i needed perfect ending i guess.

leave a comment if intrested in full playthrough with all achievements in it
btw i died 14 times doing this bullshit
any sugestions or tips leave a comment

-Music from Deus Ex Augmented edition Soundtrack-

Deus Ex Go Secret Achievement

Deus Ex Go Secret Achievement, Deus Ex: All of the Above / Factory Zero Achievement Guide (missing link DLC).

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