PC Longplay [215] Deus Ex (Part 3 of 5)

Published on March 25, 2021

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Played By: Ironsharp

The Greatest Game! If the real Ion Storm had been behind this masterpiece, we’d probably all still be John Romero’s collective bitches.

I’m glad I got the opportunity to longplay this for the site. I tried to do as much as possible in this playthrough due to the overall open-ended nature of the game’s missions; I re-recorded and added some missed conversations (the sailors in Hong Kong and the “secret” Icarus phone conversation in Paris) to make it more complete. Nonlethal stealth was used up to the Big Reveal when you send the signal to Paris for Paul, after which I tried to mix things up as best I could. It turns out I forgot to fully escort Miguel out of UNATCO (missing all of one short line from him as you leave), but I cleared the way for him. He’s got to learn to fend for himself sometime, after all!

The popular mod “Shifter” which re-adds cut NPCs/dialogue and generally makes a lot ofquality-of-life changes (bonus XP per kill, stealth bonus XP, randomized loot & stacking combat knives in inventory, etc.) was not used for the sake of purity.

Deus Ex Longplay

Deus Ex Longplay, PC Longplay [215] Deus Ex (Part 3 of 5).

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PC Longplay [215] Deus Ex (Part 3 of 5), Explore trending videos related to Deus Ex Longplay.

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I simply might not believe of anything to discuss. I seemed like I just did not have the knowledge and the deus ex game I needed, since I was still discovering.

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