Deus Ex Side Mission 9 | All In the Family | Plus Dvali Theatre | Ghost/Smooth Operator

Published on April 3, 2021

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So, Deus Ex – All in the Family – Side Mission 9. We’ll take 4 routes in to the Dvali Safehouse including with the Dvali Keycard. We’ll also find the Dvali control room

But first, meet Masa Kadlek in the red Queen. Don’t miss the security room. Then, there are four ways into the safehouse. With the keycard, through the front door, up and pver the roof, through the sewers and up the ladder. We’ll take up the ladder, but I show all of them.

Then into Apartment 95 for the control room, to make things easier. There’s a code for the door in apartment 96, and the code for the computer on the balcony.

Work your way down, take out the rest of the people, and loot the apartments, then to the ground floor where some dudes are hanging out. Double take them down, pick up Dominik, and head to the storage locker to drop him off, literally.

Then we’ll return to the theatre to ghost snag a praxis kit by Radiche, and finally take out the entire theatre if that’s the way you want to do it. Good luck!

Deus Ex Plus

Deus Ex Plus, Deus Ex Side Mission 9 | All In the Family | Plus Dvali Theatre | Ghost/Smooth Operator.

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Deus Ex Side Mission 9 | All In the Family | Plus Dvali Theatre | Ghost/Smooth Operator, Enjoy latest updated videos related to Deus Ex Plus.

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