Deus Ex Setup Guide | Upgrading to Run on Modern Systems

Published on January 2, 2021

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Deus Ex is a pretty epic game, but since it’s so “old”, it doesn’t run too well on modern systems.
This guide gets it running properly.

VC Redist:
D3D10DRV (Direct3D 10 Renderer):


Steam guide:

0:00 Intro
0:11 Requirements
0:30 Installing
1:24 Upgrading
2:09 Configuration (Optional)
4:04 Launch Options (Optional)

Set Up Deus Ex

Set Up Deus Ex, Deus Ex Setup Guide | Upgrading to Run on Modern Systems.

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There are some for whom the prospect of even taking a look at somebody as a “expert” is a sin. However this time around they dumped the checkpoint places that you can go to and manual save the video game.

Deus Ex Setup Guide | Upgrading to Run on Modern Systems, Explore trending complete videos about Set Up Deus Ex.

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