Deus Ex Revision Playthrough

Published on January 5, 2021

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00:03:05 Chapter I – The Coalition
00:51:40 Chapter II – Sunglasses on a Night Operation | 01:26:16 Smuggler | 01:30:51 Ford Schick Rescue | 01:49:00 Warehouse
01:55:45 Chapter III – Underground | 02:37:44 Airfield
02:49:50 Chapter IV – The Oath of Service | 03:00:32 Hell’s Kitchen | 03:15:24 UNATCO Dead End Option
03:31:00 Chapter V – The Enemy Within
04:03:51 Chapter VI – Mind the Synaptic Gap
05:30:32 Chapter VIII – Return to New York
05:44:47 Chapter IX – Wall Cloud
06:08:17 Chapter X – Crumble to Dust
07:11:48 Chapter XI – Illuminati
07:45:09 Chapter XII – A Savage Dream
08:12:32 Chapter XIV – An Industrial Age Machine
08:41:18 Chapter XV – Another Kind of Question
09:11:44 Make your choice!
09:12:51 Helios Ending

Download (non-Steam):
Custom launcher (Deus Exe v8.1) required:
GOG Revision Version (GOG Deus Ex Required) –
or Steam Version:

Deus Ex Longplay

Deus Ex Longplay, Deus Ex Revision Playthrough.

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