Deus Ex — No-items Glitchless Speedrun in 1:54:03

Published on April 5, 2021

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This is my second attempt at a Deus Ex speedrun without picking up or using a single item in the game. This is not an “ultimate run”, so I am using the skillpoints at the start, and I also use the security terminals at my advantage without having to find the codes first.

Liberty Island

Battery Park / NSF Generator

Tunnels / Airfield

Paul / NSF HQ


Hong Kong

Return to New York




Missile Silo

Area 51

Deus Ex Speedrun

Deus Ex Speedrun, Deus Ex — No-items Glitchless Speedrun in 1:54:03.

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Deus Ex — No-items Glitchless Speedrun in 1:54:03, Find latest high definition online streaming videos related to Deus Ex Speedrun.

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