Deus Ex: Literally the Greatest PC Game of All Time #deusex #immersivesim #imsim

Published on January 8, 2021

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So yes, Deus Ex is literally the greatest PC game of all time. It’s been voted that by PC gamer’s users and it’s been named that by a couple other outlets too. It’s not an Immersive sim, it’s THE Immersive Sim. Deus ex has the story, worldbuilding, emergent gameplay, and all the other odds and ends like the meme-ability that makes this classic a pillar of modern game design.

Yeah, Deus Ex can get kinda hokey at times, but at least to me it’s funny and endearing so it’s a net win. People have taken this goofiness and ran with it with things such as the insanity that is the Deus Ex Malkavian Mod or that one guy who made all those Soy food videos. If you wanna try out the Malkavian Mod for yourself here it is. (warning: actually insanity)

Dues ex is 20 years old by now, so just in case you need help to get it going on your PC here’s PCGamingWiki’s page on Deus Ex

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00:00 Intro
05:39 Development and Influences
08:26 Deus Ex’s Gameplay
18:27 Story elements (no spoilers)
22:42 Deus Ex’s Legacy
26:13 outro
28:07 CAT VIDEO!

Deus Ex Commands

Deus Ex Commands, Deus Ex: Literally the Greatest PC Game of All Time #deusex #immersivesim #imsim.

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With numerous hours of practice, gamers go up ranks so they are similarly challenged when they fight each other. Unlike Typhon’s Bane, the magic meter for the Fire Bow regrows immediately. You can also get more generic dry run.

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You can likewise play other games. Like video games in which you fly over an alien surface and every passing alien attempts to attack your aircraft. You can contend the alien aircrafts to surpass securely.

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