Deus Ex Invisible War | Longplay | Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary

Published on February 17, 2021

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Full game longplay of Deus Ex 2, or Deus Ex Invisible War played on PAL Xbox. Released in 2003 for the pc and Xbox, and running on Unreal Engine 2, the same one used in Thief Deadly Shadows later on.

The one sequel that had definitely too big shoes to fill. A big dissapointment to a lot of Deus Ex fans. It’s a good game overall, but a bad Deus Ex game. Maps and levels are tiny, you feel like you are on the countryside with 5 buildings only. Loading on every step. And first and foremost, the worst aspect of the whole Deus Ex 2, your choices do NOT matter, until the very end. They just don’t. In Deus Ex 1 it wasn’t much better, but there we some instances when you quickly realize your choice. Here? You can do fuck all, for whoever the fuck you want. It won’t matter. You’ll be still able to get every quest, from every faction. It’s UE2 is honestly a huge dissapointment too. The first game was very big in scale, maps were big and complicated. Here it’s 10 small hubs, with lenghty loading screens inbetween. Graphics themselves are pretty okay, effect are okay, HUD sucks dick. Framerate sucks a lot, it’s much less polished than Thief Deadly Shadows, and THAT was still a tragedy. But, in 480p, it can look good when it wants to. Overall, I had some fun with it, but it’s a massive letdown. It was my first time playing it, and it was just… simple, uncomplicated. Plot is the only thing that has some sense and quality in it. Shame tho it’s based on the “destroy all the shit up” ending from DE 1. Augmentations were few, and weak. Healing is too op, and the cyberlink for hacking is essential. Other most used module was… light bulb, basically.

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Deus Ex No Commentary

Deus Ex No Commentary, Deus Ex Invisible War | Longplay | Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary.

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Deus Ex Invisible War | Longplay | Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary, Watch new reviews about Deus Ex No Commentary.

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