Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Glitchless Ghost Speedrun – 1h 28m 37.98s

Published on February 22, 2021

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Glitchless Ghost is kind of a category I invented for this game. The basic rules are as follows (copied from

“No out of bounds/clipping through walls. The intro cutscene is not included in the timing. IGT timing [In-Game Timing does not count loading screens, so the timer will pause during those], from the moment the player gains control of the character to the moment the player loses control of the character.”

Along with the added restriction of the player cannot set of an alarm that would lose the “Ghost” Bonus. Turrets going hostile does NOT remove “Ghost” for example but an enemy seeing a downed ally does. A link is provided below with all relevant information about Ghost. If an alarm is triggered, a quick or autosave must be loaded. The intro before augments I’m not sure how to treat but I don’t believe I was actually seen by the enemy.

This run is also good enough for 3rd Place in the “Glitchless Any%” category which is where I will be submitting this.

Why did I do this? Well the game is kinda dead in the speedrunning community but it’s one I have a lot of fun with. I’m not really a fan of the standard Any% category as there’s a ton of wall clips and OOB to skip most of the game and the glitchless category I feel doesn’t showcase how the game was designed as the runner just goes full-on bullet sponge. I think the runs are quite interesting and require a lot of skill, it just doesn’t interest me to play that way.

So I came up with “Glitchless Ghost”. I think it’s a reasonably entertaining run and shows off a bit more of the game, maps, and AI mechanics. My first goal was sub 1:30 and this is my Personal Best thusfar. The run is pretty safe at the moment as I’m kind of the only one routing this and experimenting with it. I think getting under 1:20 is probably doable with strats that aren’t as far in the granny realm but we’ll see if I want to try and push this that far.

Even with the screwup in the Detroit sewers where I could just not shoot that guy I’m quite happy with this run. Most sections went very smooth and my energy usage felt pretty good. I definitely want to play around with this more.

Finally, I apologize for the 480p but my upload speed is garbage and this is taking long enough. I’ll work on getting a higher res version up but that may take awhile.

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Deus Ex Speedrun

Deus Ex Speedrun, Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Glitchless Ghost Speedrun – 1h 28m 37.98s.

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