Deus Ex Guide #1-Pistols Breakdown

Published on January 9, 2021

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HIGHLY RECOMMEND pausing the video to read the text as I messed up with the timings, next time I’ll try and work on that.

This is my first ever video that really required any real editing so I’m sorry for the multitude of mistakes such as text disappearing far too quickly, being too large, making you spend most of the clip reading it and a typo. I’ll improve 🙂 This is basically a response to the huge amount of people on the forums being totally confused and criticising the game when it’s absolutely just their fault. I’m planning a lot of these videos about every large and small aspect of the game. Some may be really long, some may be decently short. I also realize the video is really fast paced overall and probably too fast to really sink in. That’s just due to my complete amateur editing skills and I don’t think I’ll be able to change that unless I improve naturally over time. Sorry :/

0:00 Intro and pistols breakdown
0:33 Testing pistol accuracy, Untrained, Trained, Advanced and Master
1:32 Crosshair accuracy on each skill level, Untrained, Trained, Advanced and Master
2:09 The damage done by a pistol on Untrained and Master
2:41 Theory debunking, you CAN run and gun
3:00 Headshots are always insta-kill on low level armour opponents
3:13 Quick neutralization of a single enemy while using a pistol
3:18 Weapon mods breakdown for each pistol classed weapon
4:45 Distracting enemies with the crossbow
4:59 How damage is affected by skill, in-depth
6:49 BONUS The first mission done in under 2 minutes (glitched), just as an added bonus

Hope this helped some people 🙂

Deus Ex Guide

Deus Ex Guide, Deus Ex Guide #1-Pistols Breakdown.

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