Deus Ex any% in 30:45 [WR/PB]

Published on March 19, 2021

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32:25 real time. Most of the timesave was from Oceanlab, otherwise this run was quite similar in pace compared to the old PB. Happy to get sub 31, still some bigger mistakes (unatco hq chapter 2, cathedral, oceanlab-lab, no final elevator skip). The category is pretty amazing so hopefully I can come back and improve it some more another time. Speedrun category any% with user.ini edits.

Deus Ex Speedrun

Deus Ex Speedrun, Deus Ex any% in 30:45 [WR/PB].

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Deus Ex any% in 30:45 [WR/PB], Get new reviews related to Deus Ex Speedrun.

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