Deus Ex 100% Walkthrough (Realistic, No Commentary) 01 LIBERTY ISLAND

Published on January 7, 2021

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Complete 100% walkthrough of the game on Realistic difficulty. I pick up all Augmentation Canisters and Weapon Modifications, receive all XP rewards and read all datacubes, books and emails

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►►► BASIC INFO ◄◄◄

Game: Deus Ex (2000)
Developed by: Ion Storm
Published by: Eidos Interactive
Difficulty: Realistic
Video Quality: 1440p/60 FPS
The game is played on the highest graphic settings. I use New Vision mod, which replaces the majority (80%+) of the original textures with high resolution counterparts. You can download the mod here:

I’m going to…

◘ Complete the game on Realistic difficulty
◘ Pick up all the Augmentation Canisters, Augmentation Upgrade Canisters and Weapon Modifications
◘ Receive all the XP rewards
◘ Read all datacubes, newspapers, books and emails



42:12 Microfibral Muscle / Combat Strength


18:57 Laser
19:03 Clip
24:30 Accuracy
24:34 Reload
33:57 Accuracy
47:31 Scope
1:05:29 Scope
1:11:54 Accuracy


14:10 (50 XP) Enter UNATCO Antenna Shaft
14:42 (25 XP) Enter UNATCO Communciation Van
18:52 (250 XP) Bypass Power Box in Bunker
22:10 (150 XP) Finding Harley Filben
24:26 (50 XP) Enter Sunken ship
34:57 (150 XP) Free Gunther
38:15 (150 XP) Climb stairs to command post
39:05 (750 XP) Enter command post of Statue of Liberty
48:23 (115 XP) Reaching UNATCO Headquarters
50:25 (50 XP) Find UNATCO Office: JC Denton
56:02 (250 XP) Find UNATCO Head of Operations
59:19 (50 XP) Find UNATCO Medical Office
1:06:50 (50 XP) Meet UNATCO Quartermaster


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Augmentation Location List ►
Weapon Modification Guide ►
Deus Ex books, magazines and newspapers ►,magazines_and_newspapers
Deus Ex computers and terminals ►
Datacube transcripts ►
Password/Logins/Codes ►
Deus Ex: The Lecture Series by ThreadbareInc ►


Deus Ex is a 2000 action role-playing video game developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive. Set in a cyberpunk-themed dystopian world in the year 2052, the story follows JC Denton, an agent of the fictional agency United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO), who is given superhuman abilities by nanotechnology, as he sets out to combat hostile forces in a world ravaged by inequality and a deadly plague. His missions entangle him in a conspiracy that brings him into conflict with the Triads, Majestic 12, and the Illuminati.

Deus Ex’s gameplay combines elements of the first-person shooter with stealth elements, adventure, and role-playing genres, allowing for its tasks and missions to be completed in a variety of ways, that in turn lead to differing outcomes. Presented from the first-person perspective, the player can customize Denton’s various abilities such as weapon skills or lockpicking, increasing his effectiveness in these areas; this opens up different avenues of exploration and methods of interacting with or manipulating other characters. The player can complete side missions away from the primary storyline by moving freely around the available areas, which can reward the player with experience points to upgrade abilities and alternative ways to tackle main missions.

The game was released for Microsoft Windows on June 2000, with a Mac OS port following the next month. A modified version of the game was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002. In the years following its release, Deus Ex has received additional improvements and content from its fan community.

CGI Snake by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…)

Deus Ex No Commentary

Deus Ex No Commentary, Deus Ex 100% Walkthrough (Realistic, No Commentary) 01 LIBERTY ISLAND.

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