A Critique of Deus Ex, 20 Years Later | Nth Review

Published on March 12, 2021

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NTH REVIEW #10! Nick goes back in time to his days as a youth for this very special 10th edition of The Nth Review to play cyberpunk fantasy first-person RPG shooter Deus Ex. He leaves few stones left un-turned in this epic critique of Warren Spector and Ion Storm’s 2000 production.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 I. Machina (Preamble)
6:20 II. Iron and Copper (History and Tech)
20:12 III. Sniper Rifles, GEP Guns and Minicrossbows (Gameplay)
36:43 IV. 50 Billion Dollars Down the Drain (Story)
1:15:09 V. A Human Revolution (Legacy)
1:19:26 VI. Conclusion

Deus Ex 1 Review

Deus Ex 1 Review, A Critique of Deus Ex, 20 Years Later | Nth Review.

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A Critique of Deus Ex, 20 Years Later | Nth Review, Enjoy most shared complete videos related to Deus Ex 1 Review.

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