A Beginner's Guide to Deus Ex (2000)

Published on January 1, 2021

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A high-testosterone guide to enjoying the original Deus Ex, presented by a flat-Earther on a government watch list.

Mods/Tweaks & Install Instructions

Deus Exe:
Just drag the contents of the zip file into your Deus Ex “system” folder. Should be located in steam/steamapps/common/deus ex OR wherever you installed the game from GOG/disc.

Unreal Engine Direct3D 10 Renderer:
Unzip the files into your “system” folder from the previous step, launch the game through Deus Exe/Kentie’s Launcher, set renderer as “Direct 3D 10 Support”

Enabling Classic Lighting (Highly recommended)
Press T on your keyboard while ingame, erase “say” and type “preferences” then hit enter. A window full of options will open up, click “rendering” then “Direct3D 10 Support”. Find the box that says “Classic Lighting” and change the option from “False” to “True”, then click out of the window. Your game should revert back to Ion Storm’s original lighting engine.

Optional mods:

New Vision texture pack:
Has its own installer, if you need help with this, ask mum.

GMDX overhaul mod (Strongly not recommended for new players)

Deus Ex Guide

Deus Ex Guide, A Beginner's Guide to Deus Ex (2000).

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A Beginner's Guide to Deus Ex (2000), Enjoy most searched explained videos about Deus Ex Guide.

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